And You Thought Your House Was A Mess

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The TV show Hoarders just keeps growing in popularity. People everywhere are hooked on it. If you thought you had trouble with organization, watch just a single episode will make you realize that your house is in perfect shape compared to some of the people on the show.

While some people certainly watch to feel better about themselves and their perhaps poor organizing skills, there's a deeper level on which Hoarders speaks to people every way. For one thing, the hoarders' justifications may sound familiar. When they protest that they paid so much for something they can't throw it away, or they might need it someday, or it's still in good shape, some of us may recognize those justifications. It's why we never clean out our junk drawers or our closets.

Once we see ourselves and our own excuses in Hoarders, however, it then becomes a motivator. We start working harder to pull our lives together and get rid of the things we don't really need. We realize we need to organize our houses a little bit more. After an episode of Hoarders, we're finally motivated to tackle the one room in the house we've just never gotten around to cleaning.

You Are Not Alone, Everyone’s Kids Are “Stars”

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Your dreams for your child reach beyond the stars, and you expect nothing less than a life of stardom. You want them to become a household name, and you know they have the personality and talent to make that happen. After all, if someone like Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and her unrefined mother can steal attention across the world with crude behavior, your talented child could make it in the reality TV world as well. Unfortunately, there are many other parents out there doing exactly what you are doing. There comes a time that you have to accept one crucial fact: there are many other parents who believe their children are just as talented and worthy of fame as your child. They are your child's competitors.

In the eyes of a parent, every child in this world is a star. Every child is worthy of a reality television show. Every child is beautiful in their own way. The challenge is allowing a producer with power in the television industry to see that special spark that you believe your child exemplifies. Do this, and your child could be the next Honey Boo Boo.

Most parents will never see their child on television, and that is a blessing in disguise for many children. Remember, there is a price to pay when a child is boosted into the national limelight. A child's life can become unreal once it becomes a reality show.

Do You Think You Are The Next Big Thing?

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While watching television reality shows, you might sometimes find yourself thinking that you could be the next "big thing." In fact, you might even think that you would like to be on one of these reality shows so that you can show others what they should really be doing. If you think that you have what it takes to be on one of these shows, you should consider the steps that are necessary in order to be on one.

First of all, consider picking a show that you think you might like to be in. Then, do your online research so that you can find out if the show will continue to be made and if the producers are ever looking for new talent for the show. Although a lot of these parts are competitive, you can follow the process of auditioning if you really want to be on the show. In many cases, you have to create a video about yourself.

Even if you can't audition for your favorite show, consider looking out for opportunities for various reality shows. New shows pop up all the time, and you might be able to snag a role if you keep your eyes open for auditioning opportunities.

Living Vicariously Through Reality TV

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As a civilization and a society there's no denying one simple truth - we love watching other people. Call it voyeurism, call it schadenfreude, even call it nothing more than a morbid curiosity but the fact remains that every night many of us are likely to be watching reality shows courtesy of our Direct TV st louis services and the like. In fact, reality shows have really dominated the industry in recent years and it seems like we just can't get enough of watching people travel, build homes, cook foods, succeed, fail, you name it - we're watching it happen.

Part of the reason, I feel, is because we feel like we can live vicariously through these people. Take the Amazing Race, for example. In today's economy, an all-expenses paid trip to Uruguay or Portugal and all the way across China might seem a little too expensive, but with these shows we can watch seemingly ordinary people like you and me live the dream. We can watch reality TV romances unfold and, in many ways, we are more interested in these lives than we are in our own because, frankly, our lives usually aren't all that interesting. No one is usually offering us trips around the world, building us new houses or trying to marry us - but it's nice to dream.

Buying A Home, Or Watching Someone Else Do It

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We like to dream, and why not? Isn't dreaming the first step towards making a dream come true? For many these days when mortgages are hard to get, and we've lost all the equity built up in our present homes, the closest we are going to get (at least for now, let's not get too pessimistic) to our dream of buying a lovely new home, is watching someone else do it on reality tv. It's fun to watch shows like House Hunters and enjoy the excitement and anticipation of the young couple starting out life in a new home, or the pride of the single woman who has achieved success and can now buy a home with her own hard earned money. There are hundreds of stories, and many of them resonate with our own situation, or sometimes only with what we wish our situation would be. So we watch with envy perhaps, but we watch putting ourselves in that home, imagining what it would be like to live in that showcased city. It's also fun to try and guess which house they'll choose, and to choose the one that we would buy, if we could. For now, we'll just dream and live vicariously through reality tv.

Why Bother Dating? Reality TV Proves it’s Hopeless

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The Batchelor is professing his undying love for the woman he finally chose as his soul mate. It's too bad that they are going to split up in a few months. It's inevitable and all too common. These reality shows bring the average viewer into the lives of everyday people who are thrust, either willingly or unwillingly, into the spotlight. One must decide if the shows have life lessons or are just entertainment.

The question of whether the spotlight causes the break ups or the break ups would happen regardless is moot in that, in the end, the couples don't make it. That's the bottom line. There may be a lesson in all of this: don't bother dating, because reality TV shows that it's hopeless. If the Batchelor and his supposed soul mate can't stay together, there's not much chance that anyone else will succeed.

The viewer must decide if the reality stars are the average example for everyone. So, far the man has made decisions with which the viewer agrees. The voyeur becomes attached to the star and realizes that, he or she is destined for the same sad fate and figures, "Why bother dating? Reality TV proves it's hopeless."

Calling All Moms, You Thought Your Kids Were Bad?

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There are a couple of nanny-rescue TV programs that feature unruly children and their exasperated parents. These reality shows are set in the subject family's home where camera crews document kids who are out of control and screaming or oblivious parents. The nanny swoops in to save the beleaguered family with simple disciplinary techniques and reward systems.

I might be a bigger of these supper nanny shows if they had been around while my children were small. The nannies offer sound advice and practical solutions to a variety of behavior problems that I definitely could have used in my parenting arsenal.

Usually the nanny show families are genuinely interested in turning things around. They're willing to open up their home and expose their shortcomings in exchange for expert advice on raising well-behaved and well-adjusted children.

The attitude of parents in the world of pageants is something different altogether. Just last night I was stunned to hear a pageant mom calmly declare that she wasn't the least bit embarrassed by her 3-year-old hitting and screaming because "It was still cute." The child promptly socked her in the face with a pageant prop.

Combining the nanny show with the pageant show would probably be very entertaining. The pampered pageant princesses and their manipulative moms could definitely use a nanny intervention.

Put The Hammer Down, Renovation Reality Shows

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You don't have to be good with a hammer to appreciate Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This is one of my favorite reality shows even though I'm all thumbs when it comes to hand tools. Each episode features a family facing some time of housing crises. Sometimes the home has been damaged by fire or flood. Other times a devastating illness or financial situation has placed the home at risk.

The families chosen for Extreme Makeover are very deserving of a helping hand due to some contribution they have made to their community. One episode focused on a family who was running a camp for disabled children. They put every spare dime into funding the camp and consequently their family home was largely neglected. They were living without the bare necessity of adequate shelter to provide for the children's camp.

The makeover team solicits hundreds of community volunteers who renovate while the family is on vacation. This is not a simple remodel job. Often the original home is entirely razed to make room for the improved version. The team has only a week to complete the project and it is fascinating to watch all of the subcontractors work together on such a tight schedule.More info here: First Lady joins Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Fayetteville